Daniel Boutros “Portfolio Director (Games) at Skybound” Aaron was asked to consult our team in kick-starting a project. Not only did he give us a constant stream of good ideas, but he also gave strong suggestions on how to manage some of our creative processes - some of which I now use today. On top of that, he's a top lad too.

Examples of:

  • Map Layouts 
  • Environmental Story Telling
  • Recent Novels

A page of sample videos, trailers and sizzle reels of published, unpublished work and prototypes.

The videos are example of Game Design, Storytelling and Creative Direction.



-Game Adviser, consuler to more than one startup and game company. 



-UCLA Ext, currently teaching Game Design

-Genetic Genealogy, I manage and co-administrate specific segmented paternal and maternal DNA kits.


two novels that have been released, "El Ghost" and "Shadow Brane"

-Co-Owner, of upstart "Last Bastion Studios"

  • Creative Direction
  • Game Design
  • Interactive/Environmental Storytelling
  • Intellectual Property Creation
  • Customer User Advocacy

 Game Designer

Award-winning, critically acclaimed game designer with 22 years of experience. Participated in shipping in excess of 35 titles across multiple platforms and genres. Played a key role in the development of some of the industry's largest franchises.


Pierre Hintze “Sony Director Product Development”
Aaron is a very talented and passionate game designer combined with a great work ethic. He has a solid understanding of traditional Game Design but was also very effective when been asked to adapt to the new emerging platforms.  I certain any developer and or publisher will benefit greatly from Aaron’s abilities and drive.

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Colleague Recommendations:

William Harms “Lead Writer at 2K Games” Aaron is a true pleasure to work with. He's energetic, creative, and very collaborative. The thing that most impresses me is that he's not a spreadsheet designer: Aaron always maintains a high-level view of his maps and does everything he can to incorporate all game elements (art, audio, story) into the player experience. He's a wonderful asset.

Lee Jacobson “CEO at Apmetrix” Aaron is an extremely creative gaming professional whom I enjoyed working with. His approach to the creative process by combining psychographic and gameplay compulsion elements was really refreshing and applying those concepts to ourgames. In the gaming world is extremely hard to find creative individuals withthe analytical approach to make good games. Top notch creative guy!

 Aaron Casillas

award winning game Designer and STORYTELLER