Aaron Casillas

Building Products and Experiences

Although I've spent more than two decades in the video game industry, my love of games occurred in 1979 years ago (where I stole quarters to play those addictive Arcade games in the local Ice Cream shop. Yes I got caught.). 

In 1980, I won my very first game design award at the Boys Club Regional Game Design competition. My creation was a PVP Pinball Layout with two gutters and four flippers, a head to head design, set over a battling Enterprise and a Klingon War-bird. 

It was raw curiosity and the want to play and experience something different than what was out in the market that drove me that day...and today it's the same fuel.  

I am an entertainer, story teller at heart and ever craftsman of our art form.

Quick Stats:

Creative Industry Leader

Creative Team Leader on some of the industry's largest paradigmatic franchises and going where others thought impossible.

 Areas of expertise:  Product Strategy. Roadmaps. Team and Creative. Narrative Design. Game Direction and Design. Interactive and Environmental Storytelling. Customer Advocacy. Web3. Live Operations. Analytics. 

Award Winning Game Designer

From "Good" to "Great" takes Details. Failing Fast. and Hard Work.  There's no other substitution.  You need to be able to have empathy for you customer whoever they may be.

27 Years of Professional Experience/ 35+ Titles 


Participated in shipping in excess of 35 titles across multiple platforms and genres. 27 years of industry total.

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