EMMY Nominated for Sport Interactivity
EMMY Nominated for Sport Innovation

Head of Product and Gamification, working with an international team to herald in Season 2's of FCF's EMMY nominated experience. 

  • FAN CONTROLLED SPORTS. The first ever sports meets video game. 

  • Patent for Web 3 Sport's Biometrics 
  • Patent for Hoops Real time telemetry.

BEST Action Game Nomination
BEST of E3 Award and Nominations

SOCIAL GAME Innovation Awards

BAFTA Nominated for Story of Year
Game of the Year Awards and Nominations

"End of Nations" was a premiere MMO-RTS-MOBA game. 

  • Designed and Creatively Directed this award

winning piece of entertainment. Included layout, scripting, story, battlefield deconstruction and unit symbiosis.

  • Winner of multiple awards in back to back years.

Latest as of 01/01/24 Passion project for fun!  What do you get when you mix "Stranger Things and Stargate"?  The sample above is a development video that is a work in progress. 

I developed the AI, Level Design, Lighting, Cinematic Sequencing, Weapons and Game Systems. Stay tuned...

"Wolf Among Us" was nominated and critically acclaimed inside and outside the game industry for it's excellence in story telling, narrative design, and player agency.

  • Telltale Games. Narrative, Player Agency/ Ownership/Objectives. Fight Scenes. 
  • As a Narrative Design Lead on DC's "Wolf Among Us", I game designed the majority of the fights and co-led ​Ep4 ultimate reveal.  ​

Best of E3 Awards and Nominations 27+

During my tenure as Product Owner and Design Director, "Zynga Poker" won awards for Best Streaming Show on Facebook and the coveted Innovation Awards. 

  • Designed and Creatively Directed numerous features, including multi table tournaments, surprising and delighting fans across the world.
  • Poker Patent, Bet Slider
  • Poker Patent, Hand Clarity

Other Work and Prototypes...

What's New?...

It was a joy to work and invent real-world tracking and follow displays for a modern take on the game of Hoops (patent pending).

Designed the critically acclaimed “Pearl Harbor” sequence which included action choreography, game writing, and historical accuracy.  "The Map that changed FPS games forever".- Bing Gordon.

​​Followed up by European Assault, a move towards a sandbox/open level styled game for EA.

  • Level Design
  • Creative Direction

Best of E3 Awards and Nominations 27+

Aaron Casillas

Building Products and Experiences