Aaron Casillas

Building Products and Experiences

  • Telling a story without words means considering the archetypical connective tissue and visual language we all share as humans.

  • ​Every great game experience begins with a story. Most developers just aren’t aware of it and because of that, they aren’t able to harness the power of the human narrative.

  • 360 Degree Action Choreography, movies are responsible for a 2d rectangle of theatre. Imagine having that movie play out in 3d space. 
  • World Stage Relevance, will your product compete on the world stage of entertainment? 
  • Visual Narrative Language, create your product to tell a story without words first and foremost?
  • Field Combat Encounters and Deconstruction, unit to unit symbiosis and deconstruction. 
  • Roleplaying, evoke the avatar in everyone.  Characters are everything, balancing relationships is at the core of being a human and making great gameplay.

(some of the images are concepts based on designed landmarks and moments)

World Building