What if you could capture a ghost, a shadow person and ask them all the questions you ever wanted about the After Life?

What if I told you I found a way to do it? -Paranormal Professor Dr. Tarnie Reymers Thesis opening. 

Paranormal Professor, Tarnie Reymer was bent on creating a machine that could capture a ghost, a phantasm, a shadow person.  

When got the opportunity to have a network television studio pay for his research, he was all in, what he didn't know was that it would come at a great cost. A cost greater than he could ever imagine.

Creative Process

Part of my creative process and ideation is to find and use images, change them, process them and collect them. I look for images that tell the story about the people, places and things the reader is going to experience.  The images above in the slide show and represent that process used for "The Legend of El Ghost".

It's one of the fastest process that I know of and one of the most powerful ways to convey ideas to other people.  

Years after civilizations have fallen and re-invented themselves.  Earth has given rise to an unthinkable cast of inhabitants, theocracies, cult driven cities, roaming bounty hunters and slave drivers. 

Earth is now a place where drug lords can become drug gods, but it’s also a place where the unlikeliest of people can become a Luchador inspired comic book hero.

“The Legend of El Ghost” is a story about a man who is driven to the edge of insanity by the guilt of watching a crime he should have stopped.  

His life becomes wrapped in a complex matrix of stories from popular culture that subsequently melt into his reality.

​Living on a knife’s edge his insatiable thirst for redemption drives him closer and closer to the edge of suicidal tendencies.

Aaron Casillas

Building Products and Experiences