Aaron Casillas

award winning game Designer and STORYTELLER

21 Years of Professional Experience/ 35+ Titles 


Participated in shipping in excess of 35 titles across multiple platforms and genres. 18 years of industry total.

Company Profile

Last Bastion Studios, LLC


Founded: 2017

Owner: Aaron Casillas


Areas of expertise:  Creative Direction, Game Design, Interactive and Environmental Storytelling, Customer Advocacy. 

Awards & Recognition

Award Winning Game Designer

Back to back E3 "Best of" and "Nominations" for his work on End of Nations, a novel RTS MMO prototype.

Story Team work "Fables: Wolf Among Us" has been nominated for Game of the Year.

2016 Best Use of Streaming- tied with Blizzard and Riot

I wasborn and raised in Santa Monica California...

Although I've spent nearly two decades in the video game industry, my love of games occurred nearly 37 years ago (where I stole quarters to play those addictive Arcade games in the local Ice Cream shop. Yes I got caught.). 

In 1980, I won my very first game design award at the Boys Club Regional Game Design competition. My creation was a PVP Pinball Layout with two gutters and four flippers, a head to head design, set over a battling Enterprise and a Klingon War-bird.  

I am an entertainer, story teller at heart and ever craftsman of our art.

Quick Stats:

Creative Industry Leader


Creative Team Leader on some of the industry's largest paradigmatic franchises.