Not being bereft of creative ideas, I decided to put them down in a formal medium and begin sharing them.

My next novel “The Shadow Brane” will be indie published fall 2018.

I love story telling, I truly believe that stories are the single most important gift that drive the human experience.
This page contains a series of videos for several of the projects that I’ve participated in over the years. 

My creative contribution runs the gambit from Creative Director to Lead Level Game Designer.

The videos exist on youtube and can be enlarged for viewing.

I'm currently working on "Tales of the Borderlands", Telltale Game's version of Gearbox's "Borderlands" intellectual property.



 Aaron Casillas

award winning game Designer and STORYTELLER

Nothing says more about an interactive experience than the capability of its creator. 

The idea that a world could be created to encompass action, life and interactive activity in a 3 dimensional space takes a special type of talent. 

Having it tell a story while enthralling your customers into believing in that world, that other place and becoming that other person.  For me is absolutely the magic that moves games ahead of other entertainment forms.


World Building